Becoming a PE teacher

By | January 29, 2013

PE Teacher Qualifications

If you have decided that you would like to become a Physical Education teacher you will need to consider what qualifications you have and which qualifications and training you might need. Teaching in a state school in the UK requires Qualified Teacher Status or QTS. Some independent schools may hire teachers without QTS however having this qualification is a bonus and will command hirer rates of pay in most cases. If you already hold an Undergraduate Degree you will need to complete a Post Graduate Certificate of Education course, or PGCE. Completion of this course will lead to QTS and usually takes one year of full time study. If you would prefer to get your QTS through practical experience you could apply to join the Graduate Teacher Program, or GTP. These courses allow you to get your QTS through on the job training. If you do not already hold an Undergraduate Degree you will need to complete this first before applying for either of the above options. As an alternative you could apply for a longer Undergraduate course that works towards QTS at the the same time, check with individual universities for more information.

Working as a PE teacher

Once qualified as a PE teacher you will need to apply for jobs in schools that are accepting applications from newly qualified teachers. These schools will often have extra help in place so that new teachers can be guided and mentored at the start of their careers. The starting salary for a new teacher outside of London is £21,588. Teachers in London have starting salaries of between £22,000 and £27,000 depending on location. Typically, a secondary school PE teacher can expect to teach from about 8.30am through to about 3.30pm with breaks. In addition to this they may be expected to help at after school clubs and they will have to undertake a certain amount of planning in their own time. Teachers in state schools usually have approximately thirteen weeks holiday across the year at the set school holiday times.

Skills And Personality

The profile of a PE teacher can vary greatly however there are a number of personality traits or skills that are useful to have in this career. A good teacher will be reasonably confident, making them able to control a crowd and speak well to a class. Good organisation skills are key along with the ability to handle paperwork.